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Tiffinity App - Projects Devang Patel - Product Designer & Front End Developer

Lead Designer
Front-end Developer



Tiffinity was a homemade food delivery startup co-founded by CEO of my former company Mokko LLC. It was mainly operating in my hometown Ahmedabad, India. It was started with a simple mission to serve fresh homemade food made by home chefs (mother/wife/husband) for their own families, available to the people who have to rely on restaurants & tiffin services.

My Role

As a lead designer at Mokko, I led the design of the product and built the front-end for the web & app. I also managed product & operations side of things now and then.


We followed the lean startup approach at Tiffinity. Rather than focusing on building a perfect product for web and app, we focused on building a first version with mininum required features and launch it as soon as possible to get some learnings from it that can be used to improved the next version of the product.

Build: Initially after discussing our idea for some time we started building MVP version of web ordering system and started signing up some local chefs to sell some menu items on our product. So first, we launched web version and did some social media marketing in local foodies groups.

Measure: On Tiffinity web version, we had customer feedback form and also contact information for support. We had also setup an offline feedback channel through our delivery team to collect feedback on packaging delivery time etc.

Learn & Repeat: From our web version we got really good response from our customer on the product and also added some more features to web. We also started building mobile apps.

Tiffinity Web

Tifinnity web homepage
Food menu page show food items added by different homechefs
Food item details page show customer reviews
Order confirmation page
Beta version's checkout flow
Tiffinity boxes are stacked in our office
Tiffinity boxes are stacked in our office
Tiffinity App

Tiffinity app's onboarding flow
Menu tab showing available items and details page
Order history and user profile

Flyer promoting Tiffinity app and inviting local chefs
Tiffinity Chef App